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We are a professional Spinning Reel manufacturers and Spinning Reel factory, including spinning reels, casting reels, carp reels, drum reels, teardrop reels, is a set of injection moulding, die-casting, finishing, spraying paint, plating, assembly, sales in one, based on high quality and high-end market, annual production of all kinds of fishing reels of 3 million sets, mainly exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Russia, Italy, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, Canada and so on dozens of more than a few countries, won the trust of the customer and high praise, and has become an important supplier of them in China.

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A spinning reel, also known as a spinning fishing reel or open-faced reel, is a type of fishing reel commonly used by anglers for various fishing techniques, including freshwater and saltwater fishing. It is a versatile and user-friendly reel that is suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers.

Here are some key features and components of a spinning reel:
1.Spool: The spool is a cylindrical component that holds the fishing line. It is designed to rotate around the reel's axis when you cast or retrieve your line. Spinning reels have a fixed, stationary spool.
2.Drag System: Spinning reels have a drag system that allows you to adjust the resistance on the spool. This feature is essential for controlling the tension when a fish is pulling on the line. A smooth and reliable drag system is crucial for landing fish.
3.Bail Arm: The bail arm is a wire or metal arm that can be flipped up or down. When casting, the bail arm is flipped open to release the line. When you're done casting, you flip it down to engage the line and start retrieving it.
4.Handle: The handle is used to turn the reel's rotor, which in turn retrieves the line. Most spinning reels have a folding or collapsible handle for easy storage and transport.
5.Line Roller: The line roller is a small, often ball-bearing-equipped component that helps guide the line onto and off of the spool evenly. It reduces line twist and friction during retrieval.
6.Body and Rotor: The body and rotor are the main structural components of the reel. They encase the internal gears and mechanisms that drive the spool and handle. Spinning reels can have a variety of materials for their bodies, such as graphite, aluminum, or even carbon fiber, which affects their weight and durability.
7.Gear Ratio: The gear ratio indicates how many times the bail arm rotates around the spool with a single turn of the handle. For example, a 5.2:1 gear ratio means that the spool rotates 5.2 times for every full turn of the handle. Higher gear ratios result in faster line retrieval.
8.Ball Bearings: Spinning reels have multiple ball bearings that support and facilitate the smooth operation of various moving parts, such as the handle and spool. The number and quality of ball bearings can affect the reel's overall performance.

Spinning reels are popular for a range of fishing techniques, including casting lures, live bait fishing, and finesse techniques. They are known for their ease of use, casting accuracy, and versatility. When selecting a spinning reel, consider factors such as the type of fish you intend to catch, the fishing line you plan to use, and your personal preferences for reel size and weight.

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