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We are a professional Baitrunner Reel manufacturers and Baitrunner Reel factory, including spinning reels, casting reels, carp reels, drum reels, teardrop reels, is a set of injection moulding, die-casting, finishing, spraying paint, plating, assembly, sales in one, based on high quality and high-end market, annual production of all kinds of fishing reels of 3 million sets, mainly exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Russia, Italy, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, Canada and so on dozens of more than a few countries, won the trust of the customer and high praise, and has become an important supplier of them in China.

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A Baitrunner reel is a type of spinning reel designed for fishing with live bait or for situations where fish may pick up the bait and run with it before the angler sets the hook.

The key feature of a Baitrunner reel is a secondary drag system. These reels typically have two drag settings: the main drag and the Baitrunner drag. The main drag is used during the fight with the fish, while the Baitrunner drag is a lighter and more adjustable setting that allows line to be taken out smoothly when a fish bites and runs with the bait.

The Baitrunner feature is useful for various types of fishing, such as carp fishing and catfish fishing, where you want the fish to take the bait and swim away with it for a moment before you engage the main drag to set the hook. It helps prevent the fish from feeling too much resistance when it takes the bait, increasing the chances of a successful hookset.

Using a Baitrunner reel is relatively straightforward, but it's essential to understand its features and functions to maximize your success while fishing. Below are the basic steps to use a Baitrunner reel effectively:

1.Set Up Your Fishing Rod and Reel:
Choose an appropriate fishing rod and attach the Baitrunner reel to it.
Spool the reel with the appropriate fishing line, considering the type of fishing you plan to do (e.g., monofilament or braided line).
2.Adjust the Drag System:
Baitrunner reels have two drag systems: the main drag and the Baitrunner drag. Locate the drag adjustment knobs or dials on your reel.
Set the main drag to a relatively tight setting, depending on the size of the fish you're targeting and your fishing line's strength.
Set the Baitrunner drag to a lighter setting. This is typically done using a separate knob or lever that engages the Baitrunner feature. The Baitrunner drag should be light enough to allow a fish to take the bait without feeling significant resistance.
3.Cast Your Bait:
Attach your bait (live or dead) to the hook and cast it into the desired fishing spot.
Open the Baitrunner feature by flipping the switch or engaging the lever designed for this purpose. When the Baitrunner is on, the line should be able to spool out freely with minimal resistance.
4.Wait for a Bite:
Keep your rod in a secure position, such as in a rod holder or your hand, with the Baitrunner engaged.
When a fish bites and runs with the bait, you'll notice the line spooling out smoothly without much resistance. This allows the fish to swim away with the bait without feeling much pressure.
5.Engage the Main Drag:
Once you feel the fish has taken the bait and started to swim away, it's time to set the hook.
Quickly switch off the Baitrunner feature by flipping the switch or disengaging the lever.
Start reeling in the line while simultaneously setting the hook by lifting your rod tip or making a short, sharp hookset motion. This action will engage the main drag, applying more pressure to the fish.
6.Fight the Fish:
After setting the hook and engaging the main drag, fight the fish using your rod and reel. Adjust the main drag as needed to maintain tension on the line while allowing the fish to run and tire itself out.
7.Land the Fish:
Once you've successfully fought the fish and it's tired, carefully reel it in and bring it closer to shore or your boat.
Use a landing net or other appropriate equipment to safely land the fish.

Remember that the specific instructions for using your Baitrunner reel may vary depending on the model and manufacturer, so it's crucial to consult the user manual that comes with your reel for detailed instructions and recommendations. Additionally, practice and experience will help you become more proficient at using this specialized type of fishing reel.

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