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Long distance surf casting reel HL

The long distance surf casting reel HL series is designed for surf casting fishing, it offers super slow oscillation for perfect line-lay.
which will inturn reduce friction and increase casting performance.
meanwhill we made ultra strong body and high quality 7+1bb will make sure smooth of the reel.
it will be the best product in this affordable price range.

Product Description


• Options For Ball Bearings 6+1 12+1BB 

• High-Quality Stainless Steel Ball Bearing

• High Intense Carbon Frame, Solid And Durable

• Thick bail, Water Shape Line Roller Holder

• CNC Precision-machined Aluminium Alloy Handle

• CNC Precision-machined Forged Aluminium Alloy Spool

• Aluminium Bronze Pinion Gear, Zinc Alloy Driving Gear

• Stainless Main Shaft.

• Stainless Worm Shaft Transmission System

• Big Power Drag Knob

• Left/Right Exchangeable Handle

Size Ratio F/R One-way BB Line Capacity
Mm/m  Lbs/yds
HL4000S 5.2:1 F Y 6+1-9+1 0.14/350 0.18/210 0.20/170 2/390 3/230 4/190
HL4000 5.2:1 F Y 6+1-9+1 0.28/280 0.30/250 0.32/220 8/310 10/270 12/240
HL5000S 5.2:1 F Y 6+1-9+1 0.18/235 0.20/190 0.22/155 3/260 4/210 5/170
HL5000 5.2:1 F Y 6+1-9+1 0.30/350 0.32/310 0.35/260 10/390 12/340 14/280
HL6000S 5.2:1 F Y 6+1-9+1 0.20/210 0.22/175 0.25/135 4/230 5/190 6/150
HL6000 5.2:1 F Y 6+1-9+1 0.32/430 0.35/360 0.38/300 12/470 14/390 16/330
HL6500 5.2:1 F Y 6+1-9+1 0.32/490 0.35/410 0.38/350 12/540 14/450 16/380

Honor Certificates

With a number of certificates,the company strictly follows industry standards.



We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.



We have two our own casting foundries and one CNC machining factory.So we can offer the best price and best products directly.



Our annual production capacity is over 20000 tons,we can meet the needs of different customers with different purchase quantity.



We have strong design capability and production capacity to produce and manufacture all kinds of fishing reels on the market.

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