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We are a professional Feeder Reel manufacturers and Feeder Reel factory, including spinning reels, casting reels, carp reels, drum reels, teardrop reels, is a set of injection moulding, die-casting, finishing, spraying paint, plating, assembly, sales in one, based on high quality and high-end market, annual production of all kinds of fishing reels of 3 million sets, mainly exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Russia, Italy, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, Canada and so on dozens of more than a few countries, won the trust of the customer and high praise, and has become an important supplier of them in China.

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Industry Knowledge Extension

A feeder reel typically refers to a type of fishing reel used in angling, specifically in methods like feeder fishing or ledgering. These reels are designed to handle the demands of these fishing techniques, which often involve fishing at a fixed distance from the shore or in a specific spot with the use of a groundbait or baited feeder to attract fish.

Key features of a feeder reel may include:
1.Large spool capacity: Feeder reels often have a larger spool to accommodate a significant amount of fishing line, allowing for longer casts and better control when using groundbait or baited feeders.
2.Slow oscillation: Some feeder reels have a slow oscillation mechanism, which ensures even line lay on the spool. This helps reduce line twist and tangles, which can be particularly important in feeder fishing.
3.Strong and durable construction: Feeder reels are built to withstand the rigors of fishing in various conditions, including freshwater and coarse fishing environments.
4.Sensitive drag system: A sensitive and smooth drag system is crucial when playing and landing fish, especially when using light lines or when targeting species that are easily spooked.
5.Line clip: Many feeder reels come with a line clip that allows you to set your casting distance accurately and consistently.

Feeder reels are suitable for various fishing occasions, primarily those where the feeder fishing technique is effective and appropriate. Here are some occasions and scenarios where using a feeder reel can be advantageous:
1.Stillwater Fishing: Feeder reels are commonly used in stillwater fishing scenarios, such as fishing in ponds, lakes, and reservoirs. The ability to accurately cast baited feeders to a specific location and attract fish makes them ideal for these settings.
2.River and Stream Fishing: While not as common as in stillwater, feeder reels can be used effectively in rivers and streams, especially in areas with slower-moving currents. Anglers can use feeders to disperse bait and attract fish in these environments.
3.Coarse Fishing: Feeder fishing is a popular choice for coarse fishing, which involves targeting a wide variety of freshwater species, including carp, bream, roach, and tench. Feeder reels excel in coarse fishing situations due to their casting accuracy and bait presentation capabilities.
4.Carp Fishing: Feeder fishing for carp is particularly popular. Carp anglers use various feeder setups to entice and catch these often large and powerful fish. Feeder reels help in delivering bait accurately to carp feeding areas.
5.Match Fishing: In match fishing competitions, anglers often use feeder fishing techniques to catch as many fish as possible within a set time frame. Feeder reels are valuable tools for achieving consistency and precision in bait placement during these competitive events.
6.Fishing at a Fixed Distance: Feeder reels are well-suited for situations where you want to fish at a specific distance from the shore or fishing platform. This can be advantageous for targeting fish in specific locations, such as near underwater structures or features.
7.Winter Fishing: Feeder reels can be used effectively in colder months when fish may be less active. The precise bait delivery offered by feeder fishing can be an advantage when trying to tempt sluggish fish.
8.Casting Over Submerged Vegetation: When fishing in areas with submerged vegetation, feeder fishing allows you to deliver bait over the top of the vegetation without getting snagged, making it a practical choice.

It's important to note that while feeder reels have their advantages in these situations, their suitability may also depend on the specific fishing regulations and the target species in your area. Always be sure to check local fishing regulations and adapt your tackle and techniques accordingly to ensure you're in compliance and effectively pursuing your desired catch.

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