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How to buy fishing gear according to the economic situation.

Fishing - although there is no difference between high and low, but the difference in the economic strength of the angler has a clear difference. Anglers should pay attention to scientific and efficient fishing but never advocate blind consumption without regard to the actual situation, according to different economic incomes, and different consumer concepts, reasonable purchase of fishing tackle (including fish floats) is a rational behavior.   
      Fishing enthusiasts in the army, the working class anglers accounted for the vast majority. Take the monthly income of about 1500 yuan of state-owned enterprise workers as an example, it is understood that they used to buy fishing tackle spending power of about 300 ~ 1000 yuan/year. Among them, the expenditure for buying fishing floats is about 50 to 100 yuan/year. For new anglers who are just starting out, the purchase of fishing floats is a one-time investment, so there is a possibility that it may exceed RMB 100/year. Based on such spending power, it is suggested that when purchasing fish floats, salaried anglers (those who mainly fish for recreation) should first consider choosing domestic quality products with reliable quality and exquisite workmanship, but without a high branding effect.   
      For those unstable sources of income but also love fishing in rural areas, cities, and towns laid-off anglers, in principle, we advocate the purchase of economical and practical fishing tackle, there is no need for recreation and leisure to use the family's living funds. If you do need to buy, it is best to buy a single fish float that is of good quality, sturdy, and durable, but inexpensive. Such as ordinary reed drift, plastic drift, and so on.   
     For the cause of small success, fishing enthusiasm is high and quite interested in competitive fishing anglers, the purchase of fish drift should mainly avoid blindness, do not because of impulse or fuzzy understanding of the purchase of sets of poor quality products, appear "home fish drift a lot of useful, not a few" phenomenon, resulting in unnecessary waste. In addition, this kind of angler should be more mindful, beware of some ulterior motives of the so-called friends to give you a "recommendation" what "the best version of high-quality fish bleach" or "the most sensitive fish bleach" and so on the advice! If you are a fisherman and want to spend a lot of money on a float that is not real, then it is a good idea to spend a lot of money on a float that is not real.   
      The suggestion is: according to your own fishing needs, choose a brand name, fine workmanship, full-featured high-quality products. It is best to buy the selected brand in sets to suit different fish and water conditions.

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